SRA Essentials for Algebra

This SRA curriculum is based on scripted lessons that present basic math skills that are organized into tracks. The tracks are used to connect math skills as a way to increase student awareness of the connections in math. This class allows students to learn the prerequisite skills to be successful in Cord Algebra and Cord Geometry.

SRA Essentials for Algebra exposes students to fundamental algebra skills using a unique progression for introducing and expanding problem types. When a new skill or operation is introduced, it is presented in a highly structured, step-by-step manner. As students progress from one lesson to the next, the students become more independent and less and less guidance is given by the teacher. Work on new skills and problem types develops in small increments from lesson to lesson allowing students to receive the practice needed to become skilled at solving complex problems independently.

The first twenty lessons focus on a thorough review of prerequisite skills of working with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents that are necessary for the class. Following the review lessons, students will be prepared to begin the algebraic content of the course. Some of the topics and skills in the remaining 100 lessons will include rate equations and various types of other algebraic equations, problem solving using algebra translation, signed numbers and the coordinate system, straight line equations, exponents, basic geometric formulas, the Pythagorean Theorem, similar triangles, and probability.

Tests are given every ten lessons to track student progress. Remediation lessons will be used to reinforce skills that require strengthening.